The New Future: Craft Beer

Our society loves selection-  and beer, therefore is there any wonder craft beer is on the rise? Beer is a beverage that can be paired with a variation of foods and lifestyles, catering to people’s taste palates and supporting local economies.

The pop up of local breweries nationwide not only proves Canadians love to drink, but we love to drink different types of beverages. Craft beer differs from your average large beer company in the way that it is produced. Large beer companies products are often produced on a mass level. These beers are like your everyday slice of pizza, but craft beers are produced on a much smaller scale, like your specific individually ordered pizza with fresh mozzarella. However my point is, more tender loving care goes into craft beer. Muskoka Brewery an Ontario native brew company, uses a technique called single small batch brewing, meaning a new batch of beer is made each time. This is often made by a brew master. From single brews, there is sometimes a slight difference in each batch made – even with the same recipe. This is due to each brew master’s acquired mixing techniques. Such breweries often resort to original brewing methods, and take pride on this. Having hand on experience with the beers also allows them to create craft beers with new flavours and have a sense of individuality. Craft beers are meant to give its drinker this sense of individuality as well.

Brands carried by the Beverage Baron, Muskoka Brewery and Garrison Brewery, are two of the many companies to take on this trending method of beer making. Both brands believe craft beer is here to stay, and we will see a dramatic increase in popularity in years to come. A Canadian study completed in 2013, found that craft beer is performing better than any other category of beer in comparison to other years. Such a rise, is believed because craft beer caters to the consumer demand for quality and variety, and may also benefit from the trend toward local products (Mintel, 2013). And what’s that mean for us? More beer and more great tastes! Who would ever want to see that in decline? Craft beer may only be a small category in the overall beer industry, but Jeff from Garrison Brewery, a Nova Scotian native brewery, says that he believes the market for craft beer will only continue to grow. “Having such low margins only allows more opportunities for new breweries to expand and start up. It’s exciting to see what’s in store in the upcoming years,” said Jeff. Who knows where the market will be in five to 10 years?

Craft beer consumption is on a steady incline, due to the influx of millennial’s taking over the beer market. Craig from Muskoka believes this generation has a love for beer, strongly because they have the ability to pair taste buds with a certain flavours and types – the choices are endless. He believes craft beer is customer driven, especially in the younger generations who have more of an interest in trying these specialty products. Social media is a primary driver, as people can share with a network of such products. This paired with the fact that people are becoming more adamant about supporting local. Having local, craft breweries provides an opportunity to support these local businesses.

Go to your local liquor stores and pick some Muskoka or Garrison products or any of our other products, grab some friends (and maybe pizza) and let me know what you think! Post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #beveragebaronlovescraft.

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