Having great relationships with various wineries around the world definitely has its perks! I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit the world-class, Freixenet winery in Pendes, Spain (just outside Barcelona). Not to mention it was also my birthday!

Pendes is known for its Cava Sparkling wine, a protected description, which must meet the most stringent of regulations in ordered to be named so. Its name comes not from a place, grape variety, or winemaking technique, but from the stone cellars (cavas) in which the wine is matured.

Freixenet, being one of the most well known, international Cava brands, has made a mark in the industry with more than 150 years of wine making at the very location. Currently, Freixenet is sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Not to mention I love sparkling wine, so my excitement was heightened.

Upon our arrival to Freixenet, we were greeted by our tour guide, who proceeded to take myself and 10 other people on a blast through the past of the winery’s heritage. He then took us on a tour of the cave-like winery itself, throughout small alleyways and tunnels. To conclude, we got to enjoy a couple of glasses of Freixenet Elyssia Pinot Noir. It was great to try something new as only three of the many Frexinet products are exported outside Spain. Currently, NLC offers three Freixenet options in stores, including, Freixenet CORDON ROSADO; Freixenet CORDON NEGRO, and Freixenet CARTA NEVADA.

The hospitality of the people working at the Freixenet winey, paired with the delicious Cava and the spectacular view added to a wonderful birthday in Spain.