A Barossa Legend: Peter Lehmann Wine


This month we wanted to recognize one of the most influential wine brands in Australian history, Peter Lehmann.


Named after Peter himself, a man who single handily helped shape the Australian wine industry over the past 40 years. The brand was conceived by Peter’s dedication to keep the grape growers of the Barossa, Australia in business in the 1970’s. During this time, there was a surplus of fruit and wine. Too many grapes, not enough demand for wine. Thus, leaving no work for the Barossa grape growers. Peter Lehman expressed that there were more than 60 families whose income relied on business from the wine companies. He decided that if the international brands wouldn’t buy the grapes, then he would create his own wine company that would. And that was how the legacy began. Now, more than 40 years later, Peter Lehmann Wines is considered one of the best in the world! You can find four of Peter Lehmann’s succulent wines at your local NLC store. They include: Peter Lehmann Weighbridge Chardonnay, Peter Lehmann Weighbridge Shiraz, Peter Lehmann Portrait Series Shiraz and Peter Lehmann Clancy’s Red.

NOTE: Labeling has changed!


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